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 Chiropractic Care Can Help

  • One way is that it allows the proper flow of fluid through the Eustachian tubes.
  • Another way is by increasing the body's own defense by strengthening the immune system.
With safe and effective chiropractic care, a thorough examination is given to locate the source(s) that make the ears prone to infection. Once the source is addressed, our patients tend to do very well and often see less frequency and duration of repeat ear infections. The doctor will also review with you any change in lifestyle or diet that may be contributing to the ear infections.

Before yet another round of "maybe-they'll-work-and-maybe-they-won't" antibiotics or the drastic step of surgery, more parents are considering chiropractic to help children with chronic ear infections

Talk to us about your child's ear infections. The doctor is licensed and trained to diagnose and treat patients of all ages including infants and children.

Ear Infections A Holistic Chiropractic Approach

Ear problems can be excruciatingly painful, especially in children. Ear pain account for 35% of all pediatrician visits in the United States. These earaches, called otitis media (OM), are usually an inflammation of the middle ear that occurs when fluid builds up behind the eardrum.

The modern medical model basically views your body as a collection of components to be typically assessed in isolation rather than as a working unit. Symptoms are viewed as disease; and treatment is aimed at suppressing rather than eliminating the cause of those symptoms.

Earaches respond favorably to chiropractic adjustments

Healing Comes From Within. So the best therapies are those which ASSIST the body in the healing process rather than merely suppress symptoms. For nearly 100 years, the chiropractic profession has found that ear and other upper respiratory infections respond to chiropractic adjustments which relieve the stress that interfere with proper function of the body. By correcting the spinal misalignments, which may be contributing to the cause of the ear and other respiratory infection, the parents / kids find the condition resolve faster, and the frequency of them may decrease or disappear.

Many believe that there is a strong link between the birthing process and recurrent earaches. During the birthing process, cervical (neck) vertebrae can become misaligned, disrupting nerve function, which can affect the eustachian tube.

This may lead to fluid buildup in the middle ear and cause OM.

An adjustment for an infant or young child is very gentle, and has a similar touch to pressing a key down on your computer laptop. Each adjustment is tailored to size and needs.

Scientific studies of patients with chronic OM have been reported in the literature showing significant evidence of reduced lymph drainage from the Eustachian tube.

Lymphatic drainage from the ear runs by way of the neck lymph system and depends significantly for its flow on adequate muscle activity. If a child has had an exceptionally difficult birth, or a fall, for example, and has caused a minor misalignment in one of the vertebrae in the neck, the irritation caused by that problem is sufficient to cause the neck muscles to develop a state of increased tension or spasm. The resulting muscle contraction, especially in the area of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM), can be the cause of restricted lymph drainage from the ear.

The underlying nerve flow impeding misalignments is based on the concept that restricted lymphatic drainage from the middle ear plays a major part in the establishment of chronic recurrent infections.

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